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Mynydd y Gwair.
A view from Mynydd-y-Gwair     Courtesy of Janet Moseley

What's it all about?

The Duke of Beaufort's family trust, The Somerset Trust, as landowner, wishes to build a large wind power station on the profoundly beautiful and historic Mynydd-y-Gwair (The Hay Mountain), North Gower. The developer is RWE Group / npower renewables. The original proposal included, within the construction site itself, Penlle'r Castell (Summit of the Place of the Castle). This motte and bailey castle, which is documented from 1287, sits above the boundaries of Carmarthenshire and Neath and Port Talbot and is the highest altitude point of Swansea at 1200 feet above sea level. It commands panoramic views across the Bristol Channel, along the Somerset and Devon coastline, much of Glamorgan, North to the Brecon Beacons and West to the Preseli hills of West Pembrokeshire. The revised proposal of 2008 no longer proposed a turbine directly on top of this ancient monument, but the proposed construction site was still very close to it and other ancient sites, including a cairn close to the Upper Lliw Reservoir. The 2008 planning application was rejected after a public inquiry and two appeal court cases, not least owing to the peat habitat. Mynydd-y-Gwair is a large, unfenced, grazed common of significant conservation value. Sadly a new planning application, 2012/1221, was submitted to City and County of Swansea on 3rd September 2012.
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S.O.C.M.E. strongly opposes this development
Our objectives are:
    Prevent the desecration of our natural heritage.
    Resist attempts to despoil an area of overwhelming natural beauty for the financial gain of absentee beneficiaries.
    Protect an important natural recreational resource.
    Preserve the rights of residents to quietly enjoy their property and prevent encroachment on their human rights and civil liberties
    Support the protection of the sites of archaeological interest under threat.
    Support the protection of the many species of endangered birds documented in the area.
    Support local graziers in the protection of traditional hefted flocks and in their concern for animal welfare issues.
    Highlight existing road safety issues.
    Support the indigenous farming population, whose traditional farming methods have honed this landscape, in their opinions that the ecology will be irredeemably ruined
    Challenge the pursuance of producing erratic, small supplies of highly subsidised electricity at the cost of destroying the social fabric and 'sense of place' of local communities.

To register your objection against the proposed wind power station installation on Mynydd-y-Gwair please send an email to SOCME by clicking on:
NO to Wind Power Stations.


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