An Appeal from Save   Our   Common   Mountain   Environment

We are a group of dedicated people set up some years ago to preserve an upland common land area known as Mynydd-y-Gwair (eight miles north of the city of Swansea) against a massive windfarm development. A revised proposal that was put forward, as of July 2008, for 19 wind turbines, each with a tip height of 127 metres, together with associated access roads, e.t.c. was rejected after a public inquiry and two appeal court cases.

Sadly though, we have been told to expect a new planning application to be submitted shortly for 16 wind turbines, together with associated access roads, e.t.c. This would totally destroy this beautiful unspoilt part of Swansea.

SOCME will oppose this new planning application for wind turbines on the common land, and any application to exchange 'other land' for patches all over the common which would then cease to be common land and thus ease the way for wind turbine development.

As such, we are appealing for funds which will undoubtedly be needed to fight this proposal.

By pledging your financial support now, for legal and professional assistance, SOCME will be able to plan ahead to achieve effective help. You will be contacted regarding your pledge, if and when your contribution will be needed.

The particular nature of Mynydd-y-Gwair means that the outcome of this proposed windfarm development on common land is likely to be used to inform and aid other planning applications elsewhere. By pledging to help SOCME protect Mynydd-y-Gwair, you would also be helping to prevent similar future applications on common land. Please do consider if you would be prepared to pledge a financial contribution to help save this beautiful upland area.

A pledge form can be down-loaded from the following web-link.
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